I'm Stefan Schmidt

I'm a Musician

I'm a Software Architect

I'm a Producer


from Bingen, Germany.

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I'm Stefan Schmidt, a musician, producer and software architect.

If you found this website I guess you know my Metal a Cappella band VAN CANTO, my IT integration company UNIBRIGHT or any other band or project I was involved in.

On this website you'll find a list of the projects I worked on, which might be the best way to get to know me and my work.


What I Do?



My Education

1999 - 2004

Computer Science (Dipl.-Inf. FH)

TH Bingen

At the university of applied sciences in Bingen, I studied computer science.

2005 - 2008

Computer Science (M. Comp. Sc.)

Fernuniversität in Hagen

Besides starting my IT business, I received my Masters degree specialized in Artificial Intelligence.

since 2012

External PhD

HfM Karlsruhe

Currently I am finishing my PhD thesis on Algorithmic Composition at the University for Music in Karlsruhe.

My Experience

since 1997

Musician and Producer

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

I have composed, arranged, produced, published and toured with/for various bands as a singer and guitar player.

since 2004

Software Architect

Enterprise Software

I have designed and developed IT systems, coded C# and more and am specialized in integration, Blockchain and AI.

since 2004


Innovation and Startups

I founded, invested and particpated in various companies, projects and start-ups.


My Work

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